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Wichita Faro has earned various awards for its oustanding design. Here is every award won to date, as well as some of those for which Wichita Faro has been nominated; each award icon links back to its awarding organization (except for those whose websites seem to have gone defunct).

The Hubbard Museum exhibits Wichita Faro March 2007: From March 21 through August 12, Wichita Faro is displayed as an interactive exhibit, at the Hubbard Museum of the American West, in association with the Smithsonian Institution, in Ruidoso Downs, New Mexico. The kiosk lets visitors play the authentic Old West card game while surrounded by genuine Old West artifacts (including a real faro table).

Into The West features Wichita Faro May 2005: “Into the West,” the epic miniseries on TNT, features Wichita Faro on their official website,

Cyberguide to Wichita Featured Site October 1, 2004: Wichita Faro has been selected as a Featured Site in the Cyberguide to Wichita Kansas. Selection for this award is based on excellence in content, presentation, design, programming, and/or experience.

ConRoz Gold award winner September 5, 2004: ConRoz says, “Your site is very well done. I found your layout very well put together and the content very interesting. Great information and lots to see.” (I would like to see more awards with belly dancer ladies on them myself.)

ONZCDA Site of the Month August 30, 2004: Once again, the O.N.Z.C.D.A. has honored Wichita Faro, this time as their Site of the Month for August 2004. (This is an even higher honor than the O.N.Z.C.D.A. Gold Award earned on July 21.) In their letter of congratulation, the judges say, “Your website Wichita Faro provided once again for us, most pleasurable visits during our evaluation processes, and we were very impressed with the standard of design and content quality that you provided for viewing.” ONZCDA Site of the Year nominee Winning the monthly prize automatically makes Wichita Faro a nominee for the Site of the Year award, to be judged in December.

Spirit of the Web Award winner August 5, 2004: Paradigm Associates, who judge the Spirit of the Web Awards, had this to say: “For almost all of the criteria we use, the ‘Wichita Faro’ website ranks very high. The site uses stunning graphics, the pages load quickly, site navigation is uniform and intuitive, and the site holds visitor interest very effectively. It is our great pleasure to present the Wichita Faro website with the Gold Spirit of the Web Award!”

Four Elements Award winner July 30, 2004: The highly selective 4 Elements Awards have given Wichita Faro their Demiurgus of Content award, which goes to “sites with content that is creative, useful, informational and/or entertaining.” (‘Demiurgus’ is Latin for skilled artisan or creative force.)

Silver Astral Award winner July 22, 2004: The Astral Awards recognize those rare “websites that demonstrate ‘star quality’ with the highest standards of excellence in all areas of website design.”

ONZCDA Gold Award winner July 21, 2004: Wichita Faro is proud to have won the prestigious Gold Award from the Otakou New Zealand Creative Design Awards (O.N.Z.C.D.A.). The Gold Award is only earned by “websites that clearly display a high degree of excellence in the areas of quality and creativity, providing informative content with attention having been paid to all our required criteria elements including coding.”

Southern Nytes Award of Elegance winner July 21, 2004: Wichita Faro won the Southern Nytes Award of Elegance, given to designers who have built “an elegant site on the web, with emphasis on navigation, design and originality.”

Bontane Superior Design award winner July 14, 2004: has bestowed their highest award to Wichita Faro. The prestigious Four Star Superior Design Award is won only by “sites with top notch design with clear navigation and good coding... a well thought out structure, useful content, consistency, and good color combinations.”

Game Puppet Award of Excellence June 26, 2004: Wichita Faro won the Game Puppet Award of Excellence, the purpose of which is “to acknowledge fine web design.”

TKM Silver Award winner June 18, 2004: Wichita Faro won the TKM Silver Award. This honor goes to sites with “great graphics, great content, great use of HTML, great navigation, and great overall layout.”

Talented Webmaster Award June 15, 2004: Wichita Faro earned the Talented Webmaster Award, a very big award (resizing their graphic is not permitted) given to well designed sites with interesting and accurate content, in addition to “the WOW factor.”

Golden Web Award winner 2003-2004 June 8, 2004: Wichita Faro won the 2003-2004 Golden Web Award. This award is presented by the International Association of Webmasters and Designers (IAWMD) to “those sites whose web design, originality and content have achieved levels of excellence deserving of recognition.”



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